MBP 105 - Terah Harrison - Have More Sex & Less Arguments

MBP 105 - Terah Harrison - Have More Sex & Less Arguments

Terah Harrison is a Licensed Professional Counselor who is passionate in Relationship Therapy. She’s the host of Make More Love Not War podcast. She decided to do this podcast because she found out during her private practice that most Men have a difficult time understanding Women’s basic needs in a relationship. Terah also had some personal reasons she wanted to go this podcast to go live because she wanted to improve relationship with her husband.


Since Make More Love Not War has been launched, Terah interviewed some amazing experts in Love and Relationship: Professors, Therapists and Coaches.


She has created the series Liberating Women sexually called “Shameless Sexual Revolution.”

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  • Paul introducesTerah
  • How did she come doing what she loves
  • How she really loves relationship that led her to getting degree in Counselling Psychology
  • Her positive and negative experiences growing up
  • How did she learn from her parents relationship
  • Terah’s Mission for her Podcast
  • Sexual Liberation
  • Trauma and Abuse
  • How she moved on and went through a trauma from childhood abused
  • Secure attachment
  • The different types of Attachment
  • Relational and Emotional healing
  • Make More Love Not War Podcast
  • Terah’s major decision on why she created the podcast
  • What is it that she wants people to get out from it
  • The importance of Emotional safety, care, love and intimacy
  • Key things Women would want Men to understand
  • The importance of emotional connection through sex
  • The importance of safety sex after giving birth
  • Making schedule time for sex
  • The shameless sexual revelation
  • How Women can remove shame sexuality from general
  • What’s next for Terah and Jeff podcast

The Middle Bits:

What’s your #1 tip for a fulfilled life?

“ The more that we can accept other people, that other people are not like us and that’s OK. The happier we will be.”

Is there a lesson that you’ve learned out of school that is not taught in school?

“ Financial Planning Absolutely ”

What’s your one word of intention for the next 12 months?

“ Joy “

What are you grateful for right now?

“Right now I’m grateful for technology for being ale to have this conversation with you. I’m grateful that my family is well. I’m grateful that I have a lot of chocolate in my house. I’m grateful for freedom of speech that we can have this conversation about sex and sexuality and being able to talk about topics that can be very sensitive for people too hear and we can have this conversation freely.“

Key Takeaways:

  •  I came to this realization that for me as a Woman, I need to feel emotionally safe. I need to feel that I trust the person that I’m with to be able to open myself up sexually. To be able to be fully in the experience that I need that emotional safety first.”
  • My husband as a Man needs to have that emotional connection through sex. To be able to feel like he can open up his heart.”
  •  “I think Women would want Men to understand that every Woman is different. Some Women preferred having sex very soon after giving birth and not having a problem with it, and other Women have taken months to really feel ready for that and that’s not only physical but on emotional level. So I think that, a lot of conversation needs to have. There’s so much emotion goes on that also affects how sex feels.”

Mentioned Resources:

Website:  https://www.makemorelovenotwar.com/

Facebook:  Make More Love Not War

Instagram: makemorelovenotwarpodcast

Twitter: https://twitter.com/terahharrison

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