MBP 108 - "Toxic Masculinity" Matt Concannon

MBP 108. Toxic Masculinity - Matt Concannon

Matt Concannon is an actor from Salford, Greater Manchester, England. At the time of recording Matt was on tour with The Girl on the Train play around the UK and Ireland. He has been using his free time while on tour to explore a different skillset of writing and have stumbled upon a love for spoken word and rap to express matters that are personal and mean something to him.

He focuses on relevant topics to spur conversation and generally ask questions. Not creating a stigma but discussing why it is a stigma for male mental health. His job allows him to tap into many different characters mindsets and find that each person he plays has their own issues to overcome. He continues to write and act and continue to discuss more topics around mental health.

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  • Paul introduces Matt
  • How did Matt end up with acting
  • His realization that he’s quite good at acting and want to explore more of it
  • His love for skateboarding way back then
  • His challenges and stigma he had faced and how he get through it
  • How easy for him stepping into a character
  • How did he get started writing
  • Conditional expectation
  • The importance of living life with values
  • How he’s very lucky to what he’s doing and make the most of it
  • How being in the outdoors makes him feeling much more relax and positive
  • The importance of trusting yourself and love what you’re doing
  • Matt’s plan for the next 12 months
  • The strong message of the movie “The girl on the train” based on the book
  • Matt’s spoken word poem “Toxic Masculinity”

The Middle Bits:

What’s your #1 tip for a fulfilled life?

“ Get outside, do things, and explore the places”

Is there a lesson that you’ve learned out of school that is not taught in school?

“ With my relationship with all of the teachers who said that I wouldn’t be amount to anything. There’s a lot of teachers who don’t give the opportunity to kids that they cant see that they’re going to be good or succeed in a certain aspect.

Key Takeaways:

  • “ Some of the best things I’ve ever seen on stage or in television is always when you can see that the person relates to something if it’s something that someone is going through that making trigger that emotion, that feeling then it doesn’t have to come from a fake place or pretending. Putting all of these things on top of you to make yourself look at it to build yourself a character.

  • “ Trust yourself and trust what you’re doing.” 

  • “ It’s about making work that fits yourself.”

Mentioned Resources:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/matt_conz/

Twitter:      https://twitter.com/mattconz1?lang=en

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