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This week on The Man Bits Podcast, Paul interviews David Wagner, host of the podcast, Addictions. David is a recovering drug addict following a 7yr addiction to opioids derived from a car accident injury.  As he became clean and sober, he decided to launch a podcast to give a voice to people who’ve suffered from addiction.

Today, David shares with us his own story of addiction — how it started, how it went on, and how his tenacity to finally stop without support or going to rehab is now helping others.

Podcast Show Notes:

  • Introduction to The Man Bits Podcast
  • Paul welcomes David to the show
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  • David is a recovering drug addict
    • 7 years ago, he got addicted to opioid painkillers which was a result of a car accident the broke his leg
    • As his tolerance grew, his doctor kept increasing his dosage
    • His drug of choice was hydrocodone
    • His average intake was 80-100 mg of hydrocodone while his prescription meds were at 10 mg
    • David got to the point of spending 75-80% of his income on drugs
    • He turned to purchasing suboxone on the streets
    • He started 2 mg and 1 mg every hour after he feels the withdrawal
    • After 6 months he tapered his dose 1 mg per week then .5 mg after
    • “It was a long difficult journey”
  • David is a year clean now
  • The Addictions Podcast was the result of David’s journey
    • “I want to give people a voice who didn’t have a voice”
    • There is a choice involved in addiction
    • “It (addiction) is still a disease”
    • It breaks David’s heart when he sees harsh comments on drug addicts on Facebook
  • David talks about over prescription of opioids
  • There is a lot of different variables that led David to drug addiction
  • Some people were just filling in a hole in life
  • David’s daughter was the biggest factor that made him quit his addiction
  • David and his girlfriend at that time were both drug addicts
    • They enabled each other’s addictions
  • The Middle Bits
    • What is your #1 tip in achieving kickass mind health? – “Give yourself extra time to think things over”
    • What fundamental piece of advice would you tell your 15-year old self? – “Prepare for the future and save money”
    • What useful or inspiring book or resource that you could recommend to our
      Audience? – The Idiots Guide to Parenting
    • If there’s one word to set your intention for 2018, what is that word? – “Goals”
  • The biggest thing any addict has to do is to REACH OUT to people
    • “Awareness is one of the first steps to anything”
    • David relapsed numerous times before he was successful
    • One approach is not going to work on everyone
    • Show an addict love and it can open their eyes
    • Some people need to hit rock bottom before the realize what’s happening
  • “Addiction almost turns you into another person”
  • If you feel vulnerable, please go to com/support
  • Don’t use painkillers as drugs, there are other options
  • Go out and get help — it won’t just come fall on you
  • “You’ve got to make opportunity”
  • “If you can help just one person, it’s worth it”
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  • If you feel vulnerable, please go to com/support

Episode Takeaways:

  • Addiction involves a choice.
  • The biggest thing an addict can do is to acknowledge the fact of being an addict.
  • Don’t be afraid to reach out and seek help — it’s the first step to getting better.

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