Depending on who it is, why, and what the situation is, it can be difficult to express gratitude in an authentic, and meaningful way. A way that leaves the receiver inspired and with a feeling of the warm n fuzzies.

Anything from a smile to a thank you card to a heart-wrenching declaration can lift some-ones day.

Here are some helpful tips on how to say thank you when it doesn’t come as easy as you’d like it to.


Say it more

We say thank you for a lot of things. How much to we really mean it? ‘Thanks for the coffee’, ‘Thanks for not uploading the video of me and that stripper’, there’s plenty of opportunities every day to thank someone. However, not all expressions of gratitude were created equal.

That doesn’t mean that any of them have to be more difficult than others. If you’re the type who nods and smiles instead of vocalising your thanks, try practicing on small things. Instead of nodding at the receptionist when he takes a package for you, thank him in words.

Practice makes perfect, and luckily enough, you’ll easily find willing practice partners here. If you find yourself not feeling all that grateful for your daily life, consider things that you should show appreciation for. This could be a colleague that covers for you in a meeting, a spouse that reminds you to buy toilet paper, brings you a cuppa in bed, or any sort of favour people do for you on a daily basis.

If you don’t know whether it’s appropriate to thank someone, try to think about if it was the other way around. Would you like it if the other person thanked you if the positions were reversed? If yes, say thank you. If no, say thank you anyway. For practice.


It’s the small things that matter

Say it for the right reasons

You should never feel obligated to thank someone. Sure, in certain situations (ugly handmade Christmas sweaters anyone?) you have no choice and have to express your gratitude, but in general, you should say it because you mean it.


So, when you come face to face with a situation where you feel like you should thank someone, think about whether you actually feel grateful to them. If yes, great – Go ahead. If not, consider why not. Do you not like them? Do you not actually feel they helped you or did something nice? If possible, you should try to communicate this instead.

If you force yourself to say thank you when you don’t mean it, you’ll have a harder time actually meaning it; Plus it will stand out like a dog’s balls. So as much as possible, go with your gut when it comes to gratitude.


Be grateful and mean it!

Mean it. No reeeeally mean it!

Not unlike the previous point, you should absolutely mean it when you express your gratitude. If you struggle with that, think about when and why you say thanks now. Are you happy with that? Does it feel right? If not, do something about it.

Place more emphasis on the situations where you truly appreciate something or someone, and let them know. As you get more in touch with your feelings on thanking others, you’ll discover that it isn’t that difficult after all!

Just watch a persons face light up when you show authentic appreciation. Practice it, practice some more and be a better version of you.



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