MBP 80. Purpose, Passion and Para Athletics - Daniel Kirk

MBP 80. Purpose, Passion and Para Athletics - Daniel Kirk

Daniel Kirk is an Australian Para athlete competing in Athletics. His premier event is the Discus Throw in which he currently ranked 7th in the world. After a successful competition at the 2017 World Para Athletic World Championship in which he set a new Australian & Oceania record, he is now focused on preparing for the 2019 World Championships & the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics.

Daniel is a passionate Strength & Conditioning Coach with over 10 years experience working with Elite athletes and teams within the South Australian Sports Institute and in his own business HPT. His current work includes being a Strength & Conditioning provider for the Darren Lehman Cricket Academy & the Royal Adelaide Golf Club along with other state & national individuals athletes.

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  • Paul introduces Daniel
  • Daniel defines purpose and passion
  • How Daniel got started in sports
  • Daniel’s injury experience which impacted his identity
  • His work as director and spokesperson
  • Daniel’s take on social inclusion
  • His fear and determination
  • Daniel’s advice to people who are going through an adversity

The Middle Bits:

What’s your #1 tip for a fulfilled life?

Connection first and then workout what your purpose and your passion are.

What might be a strategy to start to uncover what somebody’s purpose or passion might be?

Be aware of what things excite you or anything that makes you feel good about yourself

Who inspired you to keep going along the way, a mentor or coach?

Russel Short and Daniel’s wife

What would be a big lesson you’ve learned that is not taught in school?

Be uniquely you

What’s one word that would set your intention for the next 12 months?

Let go of expectations

Key Takeaways:

  • You don’t have to fit in, you just have to connect and learn to communicate with others
  • Workout who you can depend on and strengthen all your relationships
  • Purpose is what’s meaningful in your life and passion is what gets you excited
  • Find a mentor

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