MBP 94. Massive Purpose Despite Adversity - Nathan Simmonds

MBP 94. Massive Purpose Despite Adversity - Nathan Simmonds

Nathan Simmonds is a Certified Personal Trainer at Purpose Goals Legacy. He’s a trainer, a speaker, and soon to be author. Nathan has 20+ years of experience in Coaching, NLP, relationship management and leadership. He works with professionals, entrepreneurs and business leaders to help them define their purpose to take the next level of success.

What brought him into coaching was his past challenges and circumstances that made him stronger as a person. He has a journey through some really severe health problems. Nathan vulnerably and courageously shares quite deeply a lot of his journey through those health problems and how having purpose helped him get through it.

Nathan is relentless about helping other people and delivering really impactful coaching. His Soul purpose is to challenge people thinking so they can become more incredible than yesterday. He is specifically focused on helping other people articulate that purpose. Create deeply compelling goals, and help them define an incredible legacy.

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  • Paul introduces Nathan
  • How he do his passion
  • His focus on the impact he’s having on people
  • What brought him into Coaching
  • How he learned to understand and communicate with people by traveling the world
  • What was life growing up for Nathan
  • His experienced about bullying
  • How he was diagnosed with Chrohn’s disease as a child and how he get through that
  • The importance of maintaining a healthy diet and exercise
  • Nathan’s past circumstances which made him a stronger person
  • Have clarity on your purpose
  • How to have a fulfilled life
  • His soul purpose in helping people to design an incredible life
  • The bigger impact of seeing yourself in other people’s position and learn lessons from them
  • Nathan’s vision for the next 5 years
  • His coaching question strategies
  • The importance of Leadership Development

The Middle Bits:

What’s your #1 tip for a fulfilled life?

Get absolute clarity on your purpose and know what it is you bring to every single situation.

Is there a particular coach, mentor or person who has inspired you along the way?

I got two. Simon Sinek and Peter Sage

Is there a lesson that you’ve learned out of school that is not taught in school?

Understanding potentiality. Understanding what you want truly capable of when you put your mind to it and what happens if you connect with those going forward.

What’s your one word of intention for the next 12 months?


Key Takeaways:

  • Hugely important lesson for communicating is helping to understand other people to see the world in a different way. It doesn’t matter where you come from.
  • Understanding what people around you capable of doing. What happens if I put myself in this position?
  • Tell to the right people what your goals are.
  • If you have an idea with your goal, it just has to continually expand
  • You have to be a leader before they make you a Leader. Your goal is about the person you have to become in order to make your goal a reality

Mentioned Resources:

Website: https://www.nathansimmondscoaching.com

Instagram: @purposegoalslegacy

Facebook: Purpose Goals Legacy

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