MBP 96. "I Can Handle It" - Overcoming Anxiety - Omar Raafat

MBP 96. "I Can Handle It" - Overcoming Anxiety - Omar Raafat

Omar Raafat is a Hypnosis Trainer, NLP Practitioner and a Public speaker who has a passion for what he does.

Omar is London born, Egyptian bred. He has a hunger for growth and he has a strong embrace for change. His success as a public speaker comes from a desire to unlock potential of every student he works with.

At a very young age he had a real fascination with the mind and the possibility of what can be achieved with it. That led him through his academic career to work in the area of Neuro-linguistic programming and hypnosis which is now where he predominantly works to support his clients with transformation. He now travels between the UK and Egypt training people in NLP and hypnosis. He also works online with clients around the world.

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  • Paul introduces Omar
  • What’s his purpose or passion
  • How he loves working with people
  • Omar’s fascination with the human mind
  • The importance of working together in order to empower one another
  • The importance of personal development
  • The reason for everything
  • Mental health awareness
  • The questions he get ask about anxiety
  • The spectrum of anxiety and how it affects people’s feeling
  • How to break anxiety
  • Choosing to take responsibility and empowerment
  • The importance of being mentally prepared
  • How Omar teaches resilience
  • How to get away from the fear of the unknown
  • The unconscious mind
  • Omar’s next event in the next year 

The Middle Bits:

What’s your #1 tip for a fulfilled life?

Follow your highest excitement with integrity with zero expectation of the outcome. I believe, that’s the formula to happiness.

Is there a lesson that you’ve learned out of school that is not taught in school?

Have resilience and tenacity. Whatever happens, always know that you have the choice.

What’s your one word of intention for the next 12 months?

A phrase. “I can handle it”

Key Takeaways:

  • Even if you don’t see the value of it in the moment, use that as a stepping stone for everything that you wanted to achieve.

  • There is definitely a purpose for you to go through something. Even if something bad, there is still something to learn from it that will help you later on hundred percent.

  • If we follow what excite us the most and remove that layer of expectation, I genuinely believe in my heart, then you will be happy, satisfied and fulfilled in your life.

  • If people have anxiety or fear from that event, revisit it and understand what you need to learn, what do you need to take on board.

  • If you instill the idea of resilience, you can bounce back from any event.
  • People need to stop making excuses that stop them from taking action. It’s not a lack of time or lack of money. It’s a priority issue. Re-evaluate your priority.

Mentioned Resources:

Website: https://mindismatter.com/omar-raafat/

Instagram:  mindis_matter

Facebook:  Mind is Matter

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