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It short - Yes. I take on a small number of mentees and coachees each year for mindset and self worth coaching.  I use techniques from cognitive behavioural therapy and also coach for property investment enthusiasts and improving financial intelligence.   

Are you interested in being coached?  Spaces are limited so please apply here: Be Coached

There’s lots of info out there on this and many books on the subject.  Check out Daniel Goldman’s Emotional Intelligence.  I’ve also written a blog which is my take on EQ click here.

If you’re feeling vulnerable please jump over to our Support page as there’s numerous contacts and organisations available. Reach out to family, friends or a GP.   No one is alone in this journey.

If you have a family member going through a mental health issue, one of the key this you can do is listen and offer support, be there for them and stay out of judgement.  Remember, you’re also able to visit our Support page as there’s numerous contacts and organisations available to offer advice and support.  Feel free to connect with us if you have a question.

This is common question. The answer is “It depends” as there’s many levels of debt and some people are more comfortable with certain levels of debt than others. Have a listen to our podcast episode 16 with Darren Wright on Managing Finances.  

Also, coming soon is my blog - How to get out of debt fast.

This is a question I get a lot so I’m developing a simple step by step course on how to get started with investing in property. Check out our courses page for more info.  in the mean time, please feel free to contact me via email below or Join our Property Investor Networking FB group 

My guest Ryan Heffernan and I discuss this in our interview about living with Bipolar Episode 18 of The ManBits podcast. 



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