“I need to get organized.”

“Wow,” you think as you look at your desk/bedroom/life.  “What a f****n mess!” 

As time goes by, horizontal surfaces becomes increasingly stacked with precarious piles of paper, clothes half clean/half dirty and unopened mail.  There’s sticky residue of some long forgotten drink and a light dusting of food crumbs form yesterdays muffin break…. I have a chair in our bedroom with the sole purpose of carrying clothes that ‘aren’t quite ready for the wash yet’  Is this just me?

Lack of organization is a major issue for many.  When it comes to New Years resolutions, “I want to organize my life” is up there with “I want to exercise more”, and “I want to earn lots of money”.  But why is it we’re all drawn toward a simpler lifestyle?

The answer easy – because it’s better for us.  Every friend group has that person who seems to have it all together.  They carry a planner, sets phone reminders, and is always on time.  Yeah, frustrating! Why have they got it all together?  It’s important to look closer at what they’re doing.  Instead of carrying ‘order envy’ ask them what they do to stay organized.  When it comes down to it, being organized improves your life in countless ways.   And here’s why. 

Less life clutter = Less mind clutter


The first thing that will immediately become apparent is the improvement in your overall productivity.  Unless you’re using all those extra minutes to watch Netflix, you’ll have ample time to finish work instead of searching for it.

Stuff you can try.  


By setting your priorities regularly, you can focus on the most important tasks first.  you can also ensure that each priority has an associated completion date so as to maximise the chance of you completing it. Be sure to “Eat That Frog” with those tasks that you don’t really like, or want to do.  Too often we de-prioritise the tasks we hate doing (eg. for me it’s tax) and they get pushed to bottom of the list.  In my experience you’ll gain so much more satisfaction and mind health by prioritising those jobs that you don’t really like doing.  

Use your calendar religiously

Your brain’s being unfocused since it’s in a constant state of chaos. It frantic not knowing if an assignment/report/book/appointment is overdue, you can rest assured (thanks to your calendar) the chaos becomes calm.  Too many people manage their day using their email inbox, or to do lists.  In my world, if it’s not in the calendar it doesn’t get done.  

Caveat to that is that things do come up that were not expected, and thats fine, prioritise it and if possible diarise the action required.

I’ll write another blog on how to utilise your calendar. 

Get fancy and colour code your folders

Not only do colour coded folders look cool aesthetically, but also they help guide your eyes (and mind) to tasks in a logical order.  It will also help you to neatly pack away all the paper work sitting on your desk so you can sit down to a clear desk, with a clear mind.  I try never to leave my desk without putting things back in their relevant drawer/folder.