If there’s one thing I value it’s time!

Time to myself, time with my wife, time with my friends and family.

A very close 2nd on my list of values is my physical and mental health.  I’m constantly on the lookout for ways to save time whilst also looking after my mental and physical health.

I’ve tried numerous yoga classes, pilates, boxing etc etc.  I love to work out.  Classes are all are good ways to reduce stress and be physically fit.  The problem is I never have time!  

Sounds like an excuse…No…..I love yoga and my body (and mind) loves it, I was just struggling to get to the classes.  I kept blaming it on a lack of discipline or my lack of effort, but honestly I’m an efficient and disciplined person.

I have a problem with getting to the class, finding parking, waiting for the last class to end, so we can begin, getting out of the class, finding my car and getting home through rush hour traffic.  

Lets face it, most of us don’t go to the 6am yoga class right?  We usually go after work during rush hour 5pm – 7pm. 

I found yogadownload.com, and it changed my world.  I’ll tell you why.

I want to give you an honest and full review of my experience with yogadownload.com so I’ve detailed it below including some of the benefits as well as what I see as drawbacks of the website and the programs.

The team at yogadownload.com advertise that you can easily download a class, or a program and complete your yoga sessions in the comfort of your own home.  For me, that was appealing as I could avoid all the barriers that stopped me practicing the one thing my body (and mind) loves.  Yoga!  

I went for one of their 6 week programs for $20 – and whilst at the beginning I was sceptical as to whether I’d be able to stick at it, I’ve been more than happy with the results.  Here’s Why!

Cost – WOW – so good

Great price for awesome value as I paid $20 for a 6 week video program.  There’s also usually a trial running so you can try before you buy. Plus lots of free content to get a flavour for the teachers. 

UNLIMITED STREAMING – for a monthly plan you can stream all the videos.   There’s lots of other cost effective programs for beginners to advanced for different muscle groups, for runners, for balance, for relaxation.  There’s also classes in technique, meditation, teacher training and much much more…..Pick and choose.

Website – too easy 

I found the website very easy to navigate especially with the choice filters as you can literally choose by style, teacher, level, length, intensity plus more.  Their support team was also really helpful when I asked a question as they got back to me within 48hrs. 

The Programs – So much choice

So much choice as I already mentioned – The one off program I chose was Arm Balancing technique Workshop because I’m on a mission to learn how to complete a full handstand.  This workshop helps to strengthen arms, but also body balance and scapula (shoulder blade) stability.

My friends, I’ve been loving the results.  I feel stronger in my upper body, and more balanced in my spine.  I’ve suffered from a lower back issue for years and it’s even helped with reducing pain.

The best value is to jump on board to the regular monthly program for unlimited streaming classes.

In summary

I don’t often take the time to write reviews, but with yogadownload.com I’m so happy with the website, the programs and the cost that I feel compelled to support the team.  They deserve this review and they deserve your business too.

I loved their program so much I asked them if I could work with them by helping to promote their business.  For me its win/win because I can personally and confidently recommend a value based company and programs that I know work for you – my friends and community.  

As you already know I’m an advocate for healthy mind and body so this affiliation is a match made in heaven

If you’ve been thinking of joining a yoga class but never got round to it, then look no further. 

You’ve found the one class you can complete in the comfort of your own home, or office, or in the park, or wherever you like because it all just streams to your phone or device.

  • There’s the social aspect of going to class that an online class can’t provide. 
  • No one to make you accountable for completing the sessions face to face – that’s on you. 
  • Saves lot’s of time – Saves driving through stressful traffic before and after a session
  • Saves money – get and repeat a programs as much as you like
  • Caters for all levels – Beginners to Advanced
  • Extensive website – with streaming video content and a wide range of plans.
  • Pricing Options – to buy a class or a program as a one off, or join with a monthly plan
Don’t wait – Give it a try guys – click on the link below and I’d love to hear what you think of the programs.

Click here: Try Yoga Download