MBP 100. My Wife and I - Paul & Pascale Averill

MBP 100. My Wife and I - Paul & Pascale Averill

I am Paul, the founder and host of The Man Bits Podcast who run the success of 100 Episodes. Of course, the 100 episodes would not have been possible without my wife’s help Pascale as a creative director. Our high level vision for this podcast is to reduce incidents of suicide globally, through content based strategies in mental health, physical health and financial know-how driving positive change and positive habits.

I wanted to take this opportunity to sum up what we have achieved and accomplished so far throughout our journey as a couple and as business partners.

Aside from podcasting, we are also active in building a property investment portfolio in New Zealand, Australia and United Kingdom which gives us the ability to help others improve financial intelligence.

As a couple, we also shared same passion for Salsa dancing and Rock climbing. We’ve climbed in Canada, Thailand, New Zealand and Australia. Climbing is our way of connecting with the rock as a healthy way to find stability and balance in mental health and physical health.

Our journey together as a couple especially being first time parents for our baby girl named Audrey made our relationship stronger than ever. The trust, respect, having conscious decisions, being open and honest are the foundations that we value most which are very important in a relationship.

We’re very blessed and thankful that we have reached and made it to 100 Episode. Please join us and tune in as we celebrate Episode 100 for us to share our past experiences, the life lessons that we’ve learned along the way, and to share our perspectives about how we do what we love to life a fulfilled life.

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  • How Paul do what he loves
  • The importance of living with values and live life in your terms
  • His life in UK during his 20’s which started his great journey of self-realization and self-development
  • Paul’s life growing up
  • How he handled life socially and emotionally
  • How bullying affected him during his teens and how he deal with it
  • How he struggled with relationships and trust
  • How Paul become positive and confident person
  • The importance of self-development courses
  • How Paul and Pascale applied the foundation of trust, conscious decisions and respect in their relationship
  • Pascale’s realization about taking positive response to people towards her
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • The insight of parenting
  • How to manage emotions when taking care of your baby
  • The importance of optimal way of raising children
  • Why it’s not a great start to be a parent in your teens or early 20’s
  • Paul’s focus on being present for his family
  • The element of trust between Paul and Pascale’s relationship
  • The challenges and lessons they both learned as they welcomed Audrey
  • The importance of being open and honest in a relationship
  • What’s next for “The Man Bits Podcast”

The Middle Bits:

What’s your #1 tip for a fulfilled life?

My no. 1 tip would be to take action. Look for something that might fulfill you more. Take the time and put the effort in your training.

Is there a lesson that you’ve learned out of school that is not taught in school?

Emotional intelligence. Specifically the teachings of that book. Mostly around emotional regulation.

What’s your one word of intention for the next 12 months?

Present. To be present

Key Takeaways:

  • “Do the thing even if you’re scared of it.” Paul

  • “Have a goal and put your effort to take action” Paul

  • “I find it by immediately taking assuming the positive and taking the positive step in a relationship now when I met people, it automatically tends them to something positive. Because that person actually probably has a good will towards me.” Pascale

  • “I never really hang out with babies. It’s really hard. If I would have maybe had some insight into some of the basics of parenting it would have maybe taken the edge a little bit. But I think the basis of parenting could be taught. This comes down kind of emotional intelligence. How to manage your emotions when you got a crying baby in your hands and you don’t know what to do.” Paul

  • “When you have a space, you can create more. I am more creative when I have space to think.” Paul

  • “It’s not a new concept to anyone of being honest with each other, of being open to each other. It’s a cliché piece of advice for people in relationship. Just tell the truth, just be honest with how you feel. Commit to not getting defensive. Not reacting.” Pascale

  • “What I’ve realized is that it challenged me in many ways. I think of become a more intensely feeling person that has gone through the experience of having Audrey and caring for her when she’s being challenging and some of the ways that I have doubt with, that had been my coping strategies.” Pascale

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