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 “Gain Insight and learning in all things relating to men’s mind health. Inspiring chats with our guests promoting better health, better self and better wealth”

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The ManBits Podcast isn’t just Bits for guys. It’s Bits for everyone! Listeners will be guided by subject matter experts in all things relating to Men’s health, self and wealth. Our guests generously and openly share their journeys of resilience, growth and fulfilment.

At times, it’s tough being a bloke and let’s be honest guys, we’re often guilty of burying or masking the things that get us down so as to protect ourselves from being too vulnerable, or appearing to be weak. I’ve got news for you – Vulnerability is True Strength.

Re-write your own story!”

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Thank you for donating your time and energy to this cause. You are a great listener with an open heart. We all need a Paul in our lives. I appreciate how you are a catalyst for change and how you incorporate the community members’ voices into your podcast. I can see a piece of me in there on your page and it gives a person a sense of value and purpose to see their footprints. I feel purpose is so very valuable in our lives. Take care all and know your presence is needed.


Great selection of stories, and knowledge.  matters that relate to everyday people!  Paul is a great host, knows how to ask those questions, I am subscribing to this one for certain!


I love the vision and mission you’re on to improve Men’s Health worldwide.  great content – keep doing what you’re doing.

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