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MIND HEALTH - plays a huge role in overall life fulfilment and positive mental health.  It’s crucial that we take time to engage the mind for education, self reflection and mindfulness not only for our own benefit - but also everyone we engage with.

PHYSICAL HEALTH - is absolutely vital.  Being physically healthy incorporates many factors from simply walking the dog, playing catch with the kids - to consistent daily/weekly exercise and activity.  It all starts with consistency to refill the energy tanks.  The benefits of which feed strongly into mind health. 

EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE - Whilst building positive habits for the mind and for the physical body - it’s important to build an understanding of emotional intellect.  With self reflection we can create regulation of our emotions which in turn means better relationships - with self and others as well as more rationalised thinking patterns (as opposed to catastrophic thinking). 

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Importance of working with A COACH OR MENTOR

Do you feel stuck in a particular mindset or thinking pattern?  It can sometimes feel like there’s no way out.  A coach or mentor will ask you the kind of questions that you should be asking yourself and will help you create new, more positive habits.

We usually associate a coach or mentor with business or athletes. However, there are coaches for all of areas of life.  Relationships, family, addiction, mental health and mind health and financial know-how. 

The most successful and high performers of the world use mentors or coaches to embed consistency and habit and to remain accountable.

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