MBP 102 - Laura Garnett - The Genius Habit

MBP 102. Laura Garnett - The Genius Habit

Laura is a performance strategist, TEDx speaker, and the creator of the Genius Habit. She works with CEOs and executives to identify their unique genius and purpose, and craft an actionable plan to leverage them in their day-to-day work. She has consulted with organizations including Capital One, Pandora, LinkedIn, and Instructure. Prior to launching her own company, New York City-based Garnett Consulting, she honed her marketing, strategy, and career-refining skills at companies like Capital One, American Express, IAC, and Google.

Areas of focus with the book and work:
  • (Who is your audience – corporate people or entrepreneurs?)
  • Building a habit of creating work you love and that will create great success
  • Identifying your Zone of Genius
  • Understanding the difference between passion and purpose when it comes to having work that you love
  • Knowing how to navigate career decisions – using The Genius Habit
  • Why being smart doesn’t matter
  • Why Failures should be celebrated

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  • Paul introduces Laura
  • Laura’s purpose and passion
  • How did she build her dream job
  • The impact of identifying who you are to be able to find great success
  • Laura’s book entitled “The Genius Habit”
  • What made her write “The Genius Habit” and how did it change her life
  • The importance of daily behaviors to achieving different outcomes from the work you love
  • Identifying your Zone of Genius
  • Challenges and Fulfillment
  • The essential ingredients of great individual performance
  • The biggest barrier to success
  • The importance of rewiring your brain which is a key component for growth
  • How to be happy and confident
  • The essential part of being successful
  • The sweet spot of challenge
  • How to find innovative ways to bring your genius into your job
  • Creating a career that you love
  • Identifying your purpose
  • Knowing your core’s emotional challenge
  • Intrinsic motivation
  • Finding meaning and impact
  • Measuring the impact that is most meaningful to you
  • The importance of creating a career journey that is a reflection of who you are
  • How to embrace failures and learn from them to step up and push your comfort zone

The Middle Bits:

What’s your #1 tip for a fulfilled life?

“I think it’s re-wiring your brain. Physically it actually just repeating messages in your head that are the opposite of the negative messages that you’ve been programmed to say. And that builds confidence and confidence I think is critical for achieving almost anything you want.”

Is there a lesson that you’ve learned out of school that is not taught in school?

“I think happiness. How to be happy. I think it’s a foundation of everything and its definitely a component of the genius habit. I really think that, that should be critical. That should be a class starting from a very young age.”

Key Takeaways:

  • “By understanding those two data points about yourself, you then have the essential ingredients of great individual performance that you can access at any point in time.”
  • “It’s fun to know who you are and then go to the process of accepting yourself, loving yourself and valuing what it is that you bring to the table.”
  • “Happiness is a skill. It is a habit and anyone can be happy. That was the building block for me. Having the confidence to really stretch my comfort zone. Personal happiness is personal growth, it’s very hard work but it pays off. It’s an essential part of being successful.”
  • “One of the biggest exciting thing that I’ve learned is that, once you know yourself, you know your genius, you can then pro-actively create moments where you’re going to be on fire and excited and that’s what everyone wants.”

Mentioned Resources:

Facebook: Laura Garnett
Linkedin: lauragarnett

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