MBP 13. Learn to Say F**K It – The Ultimate Spiritual Way with John C Parkin

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In this episode, Paul interviews John C Parkin. John said F**K it to his career as an advertising executive in London and opened up a holistic center, The Hill That Breathes in Italy, with his wife, Gaia.  He’s a bestselling author with 5+ books on Fuck It.

Listen as Paul and John talk about the importance of learning to say “F**k It,” what these powerful words really mean, how it helps us in letting go of the stress we have in life, plus a bonus breathing technique.

Podcast Show Notes:

  • Introduction to The Man Bits Podcast
  • Paul put together a video on how you can breathe deeper and longer at com/Breathe
  • Paul welcomes John to the show
  • John wrote the Fuck It Books
  • He worked in an advertising agency in London for TV commercials
    • He was stressed in his job and had chronic illness
    • He wrote film scripts for 2 years with the plan to go to Hollywood and make films
    • At the end of his writing, John was hit with depression
    • Qi Gong (Chinese yoga) was what helped John relax and become himself more
    • To have an ambition about feeling something is a high-level development
    • John met Gaia in the agency he worked for
  • Saying, Fuck It, was therapeutically helpful
    • It hints or points to a critical problem that people face
    • The greatest fear of people is to have a meaningless life
  • John’s audience were people with similar backgrounds
    • People suggested John to teach the “Fuck It” principle to teenagers
  • You give up things by doing less, but you also gain things through it
    • Fuck It has both a yin and yang
  • People attending their retreats mostly want to care less about what people are thinking about them
    • John’s retreats are held in 4 different places, depending on the theme of the retreat, which includes a spa and a live volcano
    • John and Gaia are trying to create a variety of things to help people be calm, balanced, and have a good mental health
    • Meditation and exercises are also taught in their retreats
    • John started giving retreats in 2004
  • The power of laziness
    • John is naturally hardworking and conscientious so he tends to wear himself out
    • He usually gets back to work too soon to the point that something else happens
    • Gaia is very good at reminding him to slow down
    • Keeping himself busy makes him feel well
    • “It’s so hard to stay in the space”
    • There’s a habit that needs to be controlled
    • Get the balance of work and rest right
  • The Middle Bits
    • What is your #1 tip in achieving kickass mind health? – “Fuck It”
    • What fundamental piece of advice would you tell your 15-year old self? – “Relax. It’s going to be okay… I can dream more”
    • What useful or inspiring book or resource that you could recommend to our
      Sum: Forty Tales from the Afterlife
    • If there’s one word to set your intention for 2018, what is that word? – “I’m grateful for having this conversation actually and as I sit with a lot of cushion, I’m very grateful that my back is loose and fluid”
  • How to get started with using Fuck It
    • What is the “it?”
    • What’s the thing that causes you pain
    • Figure out what’s important for you
    • The invitation is to use Fuck It to get perspective before perspective gets you
    • “This is about consciousness, about trying to understand what’s going on”
    • People don’t reflect because it can be painful
    • Most people are very similar but they don’t realize that until they reflect
    • The trap is thinking you need to be a certain way
    • “We, men, have loads of man bits”
    • Polyphrenic is the term that best describes men
  • John shares a technique in breathing
    • Extend the outbreath — double the length of the outbreath
  • Connect with John on Fuck It Life
  • Watch the video on how you can breathe deeper and longer at com/Breathe
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Episode Takeaways:

  • Learn to care less and not stress yourself out with unimportant things.
  • Take a break and let yourself rest.
  • Always think about what’s important for you and start with that perspective.

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