Episode 22 – Steven Kuhn continues 

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This episode is a continuation of the previous episode where Paul and Steven Kuhn talk about Steven’s background, journey through the military, through PTSD, how he helps other veterans, how he’s built a career in the executive and online worlds, and how he lives by HIT (Honesty, Integrity, Transparency) principle.

Today, they talk about the impact of not living by the HIT principle, the importance of elevating people around you and how to do it.  We deep dive into Steven’s journey with Ayahuasca and San Pedro and the changes these experiences have made in his life and relationships.


Podcast Show Notes:

  • Introduction to The Man Bits Podcast
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  • Today’s episode is a continuation of the previous episode
  • Steven talks about the impact of not living a life by HIT
    • Live by HIT and leave all expectations
    • Be true to who you are
    • “Just do what you say”
    • Keep yourself accountable to what you say
  • “Everyone loves to be elevated BUT it’s got to be genuine. It’s got to come from a true place of admiration”
    • See the positive in other people and learn to appreciate them for what they are
    • “It’s not easy to give someone authentic value but it takes practice”
    • “We all dictate our own reality”
  • Steven recently joined a group on whole life balance and business
    • He realized he’s at his best when he does things for others
  • Steven talks about the opinion leaders
    • “The only way to change is from within”
    • Start with yourself before starting with others
  • Ayahuasca vs San Pedro Experience
    • Ayahuasca was like a third-eye experience — it made Steven see himself in the eyes of his family
    • San Pedro was grounding and all about himself
    • There was a complete change when Steven went back to his family — they now look at each other and have that connection they never had before
    • The Humble Man: The balance between masculinity and vulnerability
    • “If vulnerability is causing you pain, you’ve gone too far”
    • Crying is not suffering, it’s the release of suffering
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Episode Takeaways:

  • The only way to change is to do it from within.
  • Practice giving authentic value to other people.
  • Vulnerability should not cause pain, it’s an opportunity for learning


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